Oct 6, 2009

Weight Loss Week #4 In Review

Not good at all. In short, you know when people say I was on the run? Well, I was, only literally. No exaggeration at all. I spent an entire day coming and going with about 15-20 minutes at a time in the house in between trips. Crises included trips back home, family emergencies, dealing with the lice followup to ensure no new nits were found, etc. I ate fast food once daily while on the road, but it was once daily period due to being so busy and spread too thinly. The only good that came about was that I forced in a workout and had a good food day on Monday with 2 miles on the treadmill and on Tuesday I walked 3 miles very slowly with my 3-year-old in tow for a school field trip. Hubbies schedule was changed up a few times and I had more work than I would like. (Thanks Dr. So and So for saving your work up for delivery when you feel you are up to it because you'd like to spend time with your little one.) I also did some running for a friend in need. I also kicked a toy a couple of nights ago after turning out the lights attempting to go to bed. Cut my toe and didn't realize it and therefore spent the night bleeding onto my sheets. I was so exhausted, I actually didn't feel anything beyond the initial stinging until morning when I woke with an "Ouch!" Toe is extremely sore, but I don't think broken. Counted that as a no-no for sticking into some running shoes for aerobics and treadmill work. I still haven't treated the sheets and washed them. I'm just now catching up from all the laundry we produced from ensuring everything was washed every single time after one single use in hot water and dried due to the lice. I'm not weighing myself today. I am going to have to consider tomorrow, Saturday, a start over day and will report next Friday how I did for that week.