Mar 23, 2009

Bad MT or Good MT?

Doctor dictates: "The patient is asking for a 'scope' patch for an upcoming cruise."

A bad MT hears and types "scope".

A good MT hears the same thing but stops to there a drug on the market containing the word scope for motion sickness/seasickness? Even if the MT has never heard of the generic drug name scopolamine, let alone a brand name such as Transderp Scop, he or she will set off on a search to find out. A good MT will start by searching motion sickness, sea sickness, and the drugs used for same, and hopefully come upon at least a generic drug name. A good MT can take it from there and venture into brand name searches. An excellent MT, one who goes over and above if the account has no restrictions on special character placement, despite it not being necessary to include the "line over the o" symbol, would add it and have s shortcut assigned to do so.

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