Sep 28, 2009

Weight Loss Week #3 in Review

SATURDAY/SUNDAY: I weighed myself on Saturday and the scale had actually moved. Hopeful that it was because of the DOMS because my soreness is gone. Made it all the way through the Start It Up program today (Sat) with a mile on the treadmill. All is well this Saturday. Tomorrow, Sunday, I only plan on doing my points system and taking a day off from the working out, which I hear is a good thing to do. Six days a week is great for me as it is!

MONDAY: Finished the Start It Up Slim in 6 program today -- just wanted to make sure one more time before I move on to the Ramp It Up program and get sore all over again. Finished that off with 1 mile on the treadmill, which I was able to up the speed on from 2.5 to 3. I had to turn it back down to 2.5 though to incorporate my arm toning exercises with the weights though.

TUESDAY: Found some bills that are going to be cutting it close today if put in the mail today. I also got hit with a $40 fee for a late payment last week, which is the first time I've every paid anything late in my life. Just don't seem to have enough time in the day to get it all done while working my me time in there. My son handed over the picture order form he said he had never received for picture day 2 weeks ago to discover there is no way to get them now. Hoping for retake day for him. Asked DH to blow-dry my daughter's hair before bedtime for her last night for her picture day today due to my heavy workload and desire to go to bed sometime before 4 a.m. She has awkwardly located waves and cowlicks that if blown dry the night prior still leaves her with silky, shiny, straight hair the following morning. He forgot to do it. She fought me this morning on trying to fix it up nice, so she too will be going for a retake day. I asked him to write the check to cover that, and I'm hoping he got that right because for the first time in our 7-year school picture history, it is made out to another name, the website address in fact. I started the Ramp It Up part of the Slim in 6 program, and it wasn't that bad. We'll see tomorrow or the next day if I'm sore or not. I didn't finish all reps of everything, but due to my arm-strengthening exercises on the treadmill the last few weeks, I was able to do all of the arm/band workout portions except for the rowing ones. I was able to do all squats, pliets, and lunges, but my arms crapped out on me so I had to take them out here and there. I had to pause the DVD twice to get a drink of water and to catch my breath. I did not do all of the abdominal crunches. My stomach muscles are the weakest muscle in my body having suffered a back issue during my last pregnancy and my spine being 7 degrees past normal setting, but I'll get there eventually. Followed that up with 1 mile on the treadmill with no arm strengthening exercises since that is now incorporated into the DVD. Off to work now.

WEDNESDAY: I did what I was supposed to do all day. Lost 3 1/2 pounds as of this morning this week, and then the evening hit.....I found lice on my daughter's hair. The best we can figure, since my daughter doesn't remember seeing the photographer open a new comb for her, was picture day at school. This is a first for our family and I would rather have my eyeballs scratched out then deal with this again, so fast forward to official weigh-in on Friday.....

THURSDAY: Thanks to last night's discovery, I spent the entire day cleaning and nipicking and dealing with grumpy children in shower caps with heads full of olive oil. I had 25 bags of pillows, linens, comforters, couch cushions, etc. at the laundry mat in the dryers there to kill any potential bugs. I also bought the RobiComb for $30.00, which seems to work. It detected and zapped about 15 of the critters on my daughter's head prior to the application of olive oil and so far everyone else is clean. Quite a day. I had an orange-melon smoothie for breakfast, and it all went out the window the remainder of the day, as I was just too busy. I had some candy here and there with the kids while I nitpicked, a salami sandwich for lunch while I nitpicked, and then pizza for dinner just prior to washing out the olive oil. I think I finished the day off with a 1-point large pretzel and mustard. Lots of pop too. No water today, no fruits, no get the picture.

FRIDAY: Is going well so far, counting points again, but typing this up early so I can keep being down to business and finish off what started the other night....more checking, another olive oil treatment for everyone, etc.

WEIGHT LOSS THIS WEEK: 3 1/2 pounds since last Friday.

TOTAL WEIGHT LOSS: 7 pounds in 3 weeks.

LEARNED THIS WEEK: One crisis can throw you completely off course. Also, many things, some important, are going to slip through the cracks when you work me-time in without the help of an organized individual. lol.


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