Feb 2, 2009

Born a Woman-What's the Mystery?

This has been bothering me all day....Most of us saw the little clip via commercial promo of Oprah indicating a man was going to have a baby, and some of us tuned in as if we were going to be witness to a real life miracle or freak of nature. I missed it, but looked it up online. "Tacky" is my first thought, and not at the woman turned man, but at the way it was set up by Oprah, and subsequently throughout the media. I blew it off back then and chalked it up to our shameless media circus in America culture.

Today I've been watching promo after promo about medical mystery time on TLC, and this man and his pregnancies is a part of the theme.

What am I missing here? He was born a woman, had his breasts removed, still has his female reproductive organs, but is legally a man, and he quit taking his testosterone for the pregnancy....What's the big mystery? !

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