Jan 30, 2009

Laundry Lazy?

(Note: The baby gates we use to keep the youngest out of the older kids' rooms takes the paint off of the door jams, and I have no idea why Dh's sweatshirt is hanging on the linen closet door. I just stumbled upon this sitting there.)

I think you can figure out which member of my household this bad habit belongs to......leaving the laundry in the basket......by process of elimination......

I had the 2 older kids (I have 3 and the youngest is 3) time me on how long it would take to put these towels away. It took 45 seconds to put this basket of towels away, and I had to briefly fix up the contents of the linen closet so they would fit, and I had to refold 2 of them and walk a bib into the baby's room - 45 SECONDS!

I should have taken a picture of the pile in each room of our 4-bedroom home, but this one should be sufficient.

It doesn't take long to put laundry away at all. Unless you are walking it upstairs folded, then there is really no reason to put it back in the basket once folded. Just fold it, make the piles according to drawers and person, then pile it up according to drawers for each person, and take 2 stacks at a time and put them directly into the drawers. THE FOLDING IS THE HARD PART - YOU HAVE IT BACKWARDS DEAR! (talking to my husband -- oops! Did I give it away?)

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