Jan 19, 2009

Lead or Not?

Soooo, now that there has been all this talk of lead and phthalate testing, I find myself pinpointing questionable items as I look at all things and try to imagine the extensive testing on the items already in my possession (Legos and Transformers--all those shapes and parts--I can't even imagine how much more expensive these items will become, as they are already expensive. I don't even know for certain if these items will require testing or to what degree....I just keep analyzing everything. Will every single shape and color of Lego need testing, or would it just be based on which batch of resin & color is used rather than every single shape?)

Today, my 3-year-old found a necklace that was given to my oldest last year, who at that time was 10. It was given to him by his great grandmother. No special story behind it really, and I had never really given it any thought. They frequently hand over little items they think the kids will enjoy. My 3-year-old likes to wear it whenever he comes across it. He doesn't put it in his mouth though either, and my 11-year-old doesn't really wear it. He likes to hang it from his mirror in his bedroom in a pack-rat sort of way.

Personally, I don't think ANYthing with lead in it, other than that contained in electronic devices, should be found in ANYthing for either me or for my kids. Shouldn't we fight against putting it into ANY jewelry, paints, etc. at all?

What do you think? Toss it and bum out the 11-year-old, as I'm inclined to believe this thing is loaded with lead. It could really only be made out of copper, but it sure feels heavy to me. Do I want to go purchase a lead-testing kit that is rumored to be inaccurate? Nope. Is it safe to keep around because I watch my kids, i.e. I don't just leave it on my 3-year-old unsupervised simply because it has a small part on it. Is there a risk from touching it? Thoughts, comments? Personally, I think there should be NO lead in jewelry, for adults or children, and I think children's jewelry in particular should be tested.

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