Jan 29, 2009

Uninformed Yet Commenting on the CPSIA?

Well, I've been saying it for a long time....until you can truly be heard and speak in such a way that the standard Joe or Jane can understand, they will NOT hear you, nor will they take time out of their precious day to try to understand you. See this blog entry: Uninformed

I admit it. I'm still trying to decipher the whole deal, but I have the basics down, after reading that entire document.

This is why I love my friends and family - they won't even take MY word for it. Even after breaking it down, a few came back and said "I checked Snopes and they said......" or I listen to C. Howard's show, and he said everything was fine, and I believe them." It makes us all look harder and find all sorts of interesting pieces of information.

In their quest for fast information they failed to note that Snopes referenced only thrift shops and blindly passed over the liability the wording still holding them accountable and they also failed to see a little blurb indicating this legislation was not written with small business in mind on the other website.....that's right, it wasn't, but that does not simply mean it does not apply to small businesses! lol.

It is yet another uninformed (which really isn't meant as an insult because it can admittedly be hard to be informed) viewpoint. This is what is truly being battled....those having a blind faith in their government to do what is right to protect them and just believing the shared synopsis, and in this case it is, "We'll protect your children from tainted products." only. They are also running on limited time, so if you don't provide the links and routes for them to read themselves, they probably won't.

You should never publicly criticize someone or another group unless you've done your homework and are sure you have the full facts.

At any rate, I posted a comment. Not sure if it will appear there or not, as it remains an uncommented-upon blog entry currently.

I basically indicated that 2 of the many issues are the unnecessary testing of products known to not contain lead or pose a threat such as those in the natural products sector and the redundant testing of components unnecessarily raising consumer prices, just for a start. If the poster wants to pursue it further, they should; if not, then they won't. I clarified that it is NOT about American small businesses wishing harm to our children in lieu of making a buck.

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