Jan 10, 2009

Things that make me go "hmmmm"

I have many head-scratching moments that cause me to bite my tongue many times a day it seems.

Tonight, our whole family went out to eat at the new restaurant in town that has been too busy for us to put up with waiting for hours to be served. Really good snow day today meant it would probably be available. Before we left I asked my husband if he had any cash on him for tipping the waitstaff. He said "No, but we can just add it on that little line for the tip portion of the receipt." The thought entered my mind that they might not do that, but I didn't say anything. So we order, eat, and pay, and sure 'nuf - no line for tipping and no cash.

I asked the girl for her name so I could come back and give her a tip. I passed the bank, which is only about 1/8 of a mile away from this restaurant, if that, and was gearing up for a turnaround to hit the ATM machine. Hubbie announced there was no need, to just go home and get the cash. So, again, I think "Okay, it's further, but why take out money if we already have some on hand?" ya know? So I drive the 2 miles back home and as we pull in the driveway, I say, "Make sure you give me a $X and a $X. (we bought desert bringing another waitress to us that needed a tip). He then answers "I think all I have are 20's."

Hmmmmm.....the bank only lets me take out 20's from the ATM....You had me drive 6 extra miles and an extra 30 minutes for a 20 from home?" @@ (2 miles home to get it, 2 miles back to deliver it, and 2 miles back home again). Sheesh. It was a nice opportunity to turn the tunes up loudly all alone though I guess.


  1. I love driving along in my car listening to the music...but NOT in the snow! Eek! That was nice of you to actually go back though. I am sure the waitress appreciated it!!

  2. Well, I used to be a waitress by night back when I had that kind of energy to work 2 jobs when getting my independent start in life, so you'll catch me dead before I NOT leave a tip! LOL.