Jan 28, 2009

Time Saving/Thought Evoking Laundry Tip

The time has come! My 3 older children, husband included in this number, have been taken by surprise. It's actually a bit comical and it only took one explanation......if you turn your clothing inside out and then throw it down the laundry chute that way, then that is the way it stays. If one arm is inside out and the other right side in, while it makes for an interesting fold, that's the way it stays. If your socks are inside out, then that's the way they stay.

I politely asked everyone to pay more attention to this aspect of removing their clothes a few weeks ago. I explained how it shows that mom gets thought of just a tad as the person who has to spend all that time fixing what is really inconsiderate. Didn't work. I even showed them a very easy way to remove each item to avoid this happening.

The first day, my daughter came out in a huff...."Mom! I almost went to school with my shirt like this!" (inside out AND backwards). She gets it now. My husband denied up and down that he turns his items inside out.......guess what.....he is guilty of the one-arm/one-leg thing. He now swears that it must happen during the washing cycle, but I make a mental note of what it looks like going in, and I don't count undies because they can and do turn inside out in the wash cycle. My oldest took it in stride, just as he does everything in life -- it makes sense so there is no arguing it with him. I sooooo love this about him.

The only family member safe from this mommy madness is the youngest at 3, even if it is DH turning them inside out when changing him.

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  1. lol - I started doing this, too! I begged, pleaded with my dh to just take a SECOND (which is all it takes) to make sure everything is right-side out before tossing it in the laundry basket. (He also bathes the kids at night, so all of THEIR clothes were always inside-out, too!). He had no idea how much longer it took me to do laundry when I had to check every single thing to make sure it was right-side out before putting it in the washer (as opposed to just tossing the whole load in). I went from refusing to wash garments that were inside-out (and making him fix them), to just doing it myself but then leaving them how I found them. :)